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Dog Days of Summer: 5 ways to keep your employees motivated

The heat index is soaring, the kids are out of school for the summer, and the neighborhood pool is singing a siren song to the 9-to-5-ers. And, as we all know, none of this does much for productivity around the office. So, how do you counter the effects of summer time and keep your employees motivated? Here are 5 tips on how to keep your employees on track (and on task) during work hours. Celebrate Success – This can be as simple as using positive reinforcement, such as thank-you cards, phone calls or a congratulatory email when you see an employee performing well. If the accomplishment is much larger, you can treat the individual or entire team to an impromptu get-together. This could include lunch, pizza or drinks at a local pub. You can also beat the heat by taking the team to a movie, where air-conditioning and cold drinks are plentiful.  Set Challenging Goals – Goals are a great way to keep your employees and team members on track. By setting the bar high but still within reach, everyone will be striving to achieve his or her set goals. Make sure goals are clearly communicated and in writing, so employees can refer back to the list as necessary. Keep Them in the Loop – When employees feel that they are playing an active role in the development and progress of their company, they are less likely to resist authority. Plus, you never know what insightful information they may have to offer that could make a significant impact to your small business. Schedule a short-but-sweet weekly or monthly company-wide meeting to keep everyone on the same page. Create an Enjoyable Atmosphere – You’d be surprised at how hardworking one can be when they walk into an office everyday and feel welcome. By creating a working atmosphere full of acceptance, camaraderie and unity, your employees will feel more motivated to get work completed. Positivity is key – remember, your staff takes cues from you, so be sure the right attitude starts at the top. Give Them the Tools for Success – If your employees are lacking sufficient tools required to complete their jobs, chances are they’ll become frustrated and productivity will drop. Let’s face it – no one likes a printer that jams frequently, or a computer that shuts down on a whim. Before cabin fever spreads through your entire department, be sure to take the time and implement a few of our suggestions. Who knows, you may just receive the coveted World’s #1 Boss coffee mug.