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February SMB News Recap 2013


February headlines from around the web, brought to you by Wasp Buzz Small Business Magazine.

The Art and Science Behind Small Business Advertising Fox Business As a small business owner, do you fixate on the biggest and loudest marketing ideas or do you focus on the practical aspects of communications? The most effective marketing strategy for a small business is to embrace a balanced approach between creativity and practicality. This article walks you through both sides of the equation. If your small business gravitates to one side, maybe it’s time to give both sides of your marketing campaign a second look. Payroll Tax Increase 2013: What Small Businesses Need to Know Wasp Buzz After the payroll tax increase jumped 2% in early January, small businesses should make sure the new rates are properly assessed on employee paychecks and understand how this will affect the hiring and headcount in their organization for the remainder of the year. This tax may bring anguish upon small businesses as they face costs for recruiting, on-boarding and also new salaries. The 5 Employees Every Small Business Needs Entrepreneur   When it comes to staffing your small business, it is critical to consider every hire, ensuring each employee fulfills the right role needed for overall success. Your small business may have the world’s best business strategy, but without the right people to implement it, your strategy won’t mean a thing. When staffing your small business, there are five “types” of employees every company should hire. Useful Apps for Small Businesses Kiplinger With today’s technology, you can run a large amount of your business straight from a mobile device. Unfortunately, there are more that 200,000 apps that perform business functions. So which ones should small business owners consider? This article offers a list of business apps that are downloaded most frequently by small business owners and are wildly talked about in online customer reviews.

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