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How a Centralized Maintenance Schedule Can Help Schools Avoid Health Hazards

AssetCloud Classroom Disinfecting

The health and safety of students and staff is top-of-mind for every parent, teacher, and school administrator as students prepare to re-enter classrooms this fall.

To accomplish this, school districts around the country are implementing the lengthy list of safety recommendations provided by the CDC to clean and disinfect everything from art supplies to buses to water fountains and playground equipment.

Many school administrators are understandably overwhelmed with the need to not only implement, but also schedule, manage, track and review so many new safety processes and guidelines.

Most schools have historically managed cleaning processes via pen and paper, if at all. This method places the majority of the responsibility for managing the cleaning and disinfecting processes up to the individual carrying out the tasks, and a heavy reliance on the hope that they will simply remember what to do. Even if tasks are written via pen and paper, that record can easily be misplaced or accidentally disposed of.

With the enhanced health and safety risks the pandemic introduces, schools cannot afford to take these risks.

Administrators need a way not only to implement the new guidelines, but to ensure they are completed on time, every time. Custodians need to be aware of what to do, how to do it, and how often to do it. Custodial supervisors need to be able to easily access and view when tasks have been completed, when they are due, and when any have gone past due to take appropriate action.

What many administrators may not know is that there is a system they can use to meet all of these needs throughout their school, and even district-wide.

An asset management system such as AssetCloud enables you to set up automated maintenance schedules for cleaning/disinfecting tasks of any asset such as buses, computers, interactive whiteboards, or water fountains. You can also choose to set up individual classrooms or schools as assets themselves.

The system can alert you via instant email notifications of the upcoming due dates of cleaning/disinfecting tasks as well as any outstanding tasks that have gone past due. You can set up a maintenance schedule which indicates that maintenance such as cleaning or disinfecting needs to be performed at specified intervals – such as daily, weekly, every two weeks, and so on.

Once the system is in place, you can easily review maintenance history to see all of the times when maintenance was performed on an individual asset. In the event of an outbreak in a classroom or school, this information can be invaluable in identifying the potential source or preventing additional cases.

We understand how the extensive safety and health guidelines created by the CDC can seem overwhelming. Let us help.

AssetCloud can be configured in as little as a few days, and we can show you how to set it up to automate all of the tasks that need to be completed, as well as how to set due dates and email notification alerts to bring you peace of mind. For more information, call us at 866-547-9277 or request a free, no obligation demo.