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How Printing Promotes Business Growth


How Professional Printing Promotes Business Growth

Printing plays an important role in promoting a business. Don’t believe it? Printing is responsible for flyers, banners, business cards, tags, envelopes and more… essentially; everything that has the ability to be printed has the ability to market your product. Whether you specialize in kitchen utilities, computer software, clothing or anything in-between, understating the importance of printing can be the difference in your business promoting growth or remaining behind the curtain. Printers have the ability to provide:
  • 25% FASTER production
  • 30% FASTER packaging
  • 100% AUTOMATIC sourcing with store numbers printed directly on label
Philippa Roberts Jewelry, founded in 1996, specializes in contemporary and organic jewelry designs. The organisation began selling products at street fairs, and as the brand began to grow, Philippa Roberts opened a retail store/studio shop in Oakland in 2006. Eventually, the timeless jewelry store started selling wholesale to galleries, boutiques and museum stores across the country and internationally. Seems like a business dream come true, right? [Tweet "Printers have the ability to provide 100% automatic sourcing printed directly on the label."] With immense growth comes immense production. For Philippa Roberts, creating 300 to 800 pieces of jewelry a month demanded a labeling system in order to identify each piece of jewelry and separate retail products from wholesale. Handwritten tags and labels were the solution for the organisation for a while. However, Philippa Roberts realized the process wasn’t working for a multitude of reasons including:
  • Time consumption
  • Unprofessionalism
  • Inefficiency
“The time we spent handwriting different labels was very time consuming and inefficient,” said Adam Evans, Philippa Roberts jewelry production manager. “Meanwhile, the jewelry products we saw at other trade shows and retailers all had nice, professional looking labels.”


Is this sounding all too familiar? Are you finding yourself in a similar situation, wondering what your organisation’s next move will be? If you’re considering purchasing a barcode printer, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re looking for. Wasp has created four questions to ask before purchasing a barcode printer that include:
  1. What will it need to print?
There are multiple options for labels you could create and it’s important to understand what you need to print in order to purchase the correct printer type.
  1. In what environment will the printer be used?
Certain printers are built to withstand harsh conditions. Knowing the environment your printer will be kept in, whether it’s in retail or warehousing, can determine which printer is best to purchase.
  1. How often will you print?
Are you printing small volumes, as in fewer than 1,000 labels per week? Or are you printing large volumes, or a couple thousand labels per day?
  1. What type of connectivity do you need?
Connectivity includes using a USB, WiFi or even serial or parallel connectivity. Double-check the options for connectivity on the printer you’re interested in before making the purchase.   iStock_000016213259  


Once you’ve realized exactly where you need to start in shopping for barcode printers, it’s time to make the change. Evans realized handwriting all labels would ultimately demote the promotion of Philippa Roberts’ increasing business growth. After researching various barcode printers, they finally landed on Wasp’s barcode printers for the user-friendly interface and compatibility with LabeLink, a system Philippa Robers already implemented. “We were already using LabeLink, which pulled all our codes from QuickBooks®,” said Evans. “LabeLink suggested both Wasp and Bartender, but we found Wasp’s interface to be much more user-friendly and also a perfect compliment with LabeLink.” Finding a printer compatible with software already implemented in a business is the ultimate equation for an efficient solution.


Small to medium sized businesses pride themselves on standing apart from the crowd and proving unique, original products and services to customers. While small to medium sized businesses are accustomed to the “do-it-yourself” approach, printing labels don’t have to take that aspect away. Wasp Barcode Printers allowed Philippa Roberts to transition their system to an automatic label generation, but keep the originality and freedom of choice. Your business has the ability to choose barcode printer accessories that are tailored to your services. Whether it comes to deciding thermal print heads or cleaning pens, Wasp has you covered. So what does this mean for the growth of your small business? How is purchasing a barcode printer going to promote that?


In addition to finding an efficient solution, saving time and producing professional labels, Philippa Roberts experienced an increase in time saved preparing for tradeshows. Each price for each individual piece of jewelry used to be handwritten and copied from an Excel spreadsheet, which results in a list of disadvantages for any organisation. “Wasp is very versatile in what it can do, making it easy to change logos, style numbers, locations, etc,” said Evans. “Our production and packaging times were greatly expedited by about 30 percent, and we have also been able to organize our products better. Before, we had to cross-reference each item with different store numbers, which was a tedious process. Now, the store number prints directly on the label.” [Tweet "Wasp is very versatile in what it can do, making it easy to change logos, style numbers, locations, etc."] According to The Business Psychology Company, success of an organization is measured by an organization’s profitability, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, contribution to society and operational results. Implementing barcode printing allows you to save time and efforts from your employees labeling products, resulting in a more appealing, professional label for the customer’s satisfaction. So whether you’ve just opened your doors or your lights have been running for decades, you’re among the approximately 15.6 million people employed in a small or medium sized business in the UK. What makes your organisation stand out? What makes your organisation promote growth? Philippa Roberts promoted business growth by saving time and money and increasing professionalism and efficiency simply by purchasing a barcode printer. Now, it’s up to you to make the change and step out on center stage. How would a printer help your business be able to market your products more efficiently?