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How Will Your Customers Track the IT You Sell Them?

IT Technology in Business

Every time I walk into a major corporation, I am amazed at the abundance of technology in the building. Whether you’re in the lobby or executive suites, chances are you’ll encounter a myriad of technology.

Flat-screen TVs are hanging on the walls. Desktop computers, monitors, webcams, and headsets reside in every cubicle. Conference rooms contain the latest innovations in speakerphones, projectors, and smartboards.

As technology continues to improve, we become increasingly more reliant on the productivity benefits of innovation. Organizations all over the world purchase more and more IT equipment every day.

From a reseller perspective, these requests usually stem from one of the following reasons: a company refresh to replace old equipment, a future expansion, the need to replenish lost or stolen items, or new technology implementation.

With so much money being spent, how are companies protecting their investment? This question becomes particularly important during the current COVID-19 pandemic with so many people working from home. Most organizations have assigned valuable physical assets to their employees to enable them to work remotely. What are the financial impacts?

This is validated by the numerous conversations I’ve had with resellers not only in the United States but across the world. The consensus is that almost everyone is concerned about shortages and backorders. Across the board, it seems that with so many people working from home everyone is scrambling for the same products: laptops, keyboards, headsets, etc.  

With all this technology being assigned to millions of employees across the world, it would be naive to believe that all these businesses have a solution in place to track their physical assets.

While a good majority of people are honest and will return their company’s belongings, there are always a few bad apples in every group. Not to mention the fact that items will be lost, and some people will change jobs. The fact is there are countless reasons why a device might not be returned. In the current environment with everybody’s bottom-line stretched, even a small 5% discrepancy could have negative impacts.

Despite these potential pitfalls, along with the fact that we are living in the year 2020, many organizations, big and small, still use spreadsheets and other manual processes to track their assets. I’ve talked to many of these organizations and they acknowledge the problem associated with tracking their physical assets. However, many of them have never considered the overall impact of not automating their asset management process.  

The good news is this kind of behavior puts our reseller community in a unique position. You have the opportunity to become a hero to your customer base by demonstrating your understanding of their business challenges and having a solution readily available that can make an immediate impact.

Many of your clients may be resistant to change. This is where trusted IT consultants can truly make a difference by demonstrating the status quo will be the detriment of the company. You have the ability to introduce an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement solution that will immediately have a positive impact on their bottom-line and reduce their financial risks moving forward.

The next time you receive a request for IT equipment from a customer, don’t just take the order, ask them a few simple follow-up questions to gather more information.

For example, let’s say a school district needs a quote for 25 Chromebooks. As you prepare the proposal, ask the client, “How are you currently tracking these Chromebooks?” “Are you able to locate all of these items?” “At the end of the last school year, do you know if you received them all back and if they are in working condition?”

If your clients mention anything about manually tracking their assets using Excel, pen and paper, or if they just flat out don’t have a good answer for you, it’s a perfect opportunity for you to begin a discussion about the benefits of an automated asset management solution.

Not only can you turn a simple IT request into a larger sale by providing a complete solution, but you can also elevate your relationship with your customers by demonstrating your understanding of their business needs. If you consistently receive these types of requests, think about how many opportunities you have for generating additional revenue and make yourself more credible with the client.

AssetCloud by Wasp Barcode Technologies is a barcode tracking software specifically designed to track company-owned IT assets. It could help your client stop asset loss and increase profitability.

To learn more about AssetCloud, please contact your Wasp Channel Account Manager at channelsales@waspbarcode.com. On behalf of all of us at Wasp, we look forward to helping you solve problems with solutions while becoming a hero to your customers.