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Your (Interactive) Trade Show Booth

Trade shows, expos, and conventions are some of the most overwhelming and confusing situations one can find themselves in. The onslaught of flashy booths and unruly crowds can rattle anyone. One way for an exhibitor to not only stick out, but make a long-lasting impression on attendees and potential business partners in this pandemonium, is to incorporate layers of interactivity into your booth. If visitors can have a rewarding experience interacting with your booth, they are more likely to remember your business in the future and praise it to their friends and peers via word of mouth and social media. Here are a few ways you can go about making your booth interactive and memorable: 1) Appeal to the Senses: Memories are strongly linked to the senses, especially the sense of smell (which is why many companies bake cookies in an oven during a show). If you are able to appeal to the five senses, you stand a likelier chance of being remembered. If you are promoting a product, allow visitors to manipulate said item with their hands. Inviting aromas, vivid displays, and catchy music can all help entice visitors. 2) Promotional Giveaways and Raffle: An ideal way to get your contact information out to the public is to place it on promotional giveaway items, such as pens and coffee mugs, which the recipient could use frequently. One company gave away promotional pineapples at a conference and this quirky idea raised their visibility considerably. Also, it's a good idea to encourage visitors to enter their contact information in a drawing for nice prize, such as an iPad or TV. 3) Demonstrations: One of the best ways to promote your product at a show is through a hands-on demonstration. As I mentioned before, appealing to the senses is a key to success. Find ways to have visitors feel, taste, smell, and listen to the product. You need to engage the audience as much as possible and encourage volunteers to join in. The person who does your demonstration needs to be charming, well spoken, outgoing, animated, and quick-witted. 4) Games: Everybody loves a good game. The key here is for your booth to provide games that are not only engaging and fun but also provides information on your product. You could ask visitors trivia questions about your product and reward them with prizes (it's a good idea to have your company's logo and/or contact information on the prize). Also, any type of social game can encourage networking among visitors and improve their experience at your booth. 5) Technology: It's always a great idea to take advantage of the latest technology at your trade show. You can use iPads and other devices to demonstrate your product which will increase interest and traffic at your booth as well as promote engagement in your company. Also, by using these devices, you can easily convert foot traffic into online connections. Another option is to place QR codes around your booth so when visitors snap a photo of it with their smart phone they are directed to your website. 6) Entertainment: The best way to draw large crowds and foot traffic to your booth is through live entertainment. This could be through live music, booth girls, magicians, clowns, or jugglers. Bonus points if you can work with the entertainment to somehow incorporate your product in the act.  

Wasp Barcode's exhibit at Tech Data Channel Link 2013 was interactive! We used barcode scanners to host a timed "Scanner Showdown" game! Fun times were had by all.