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Why Your Business Should Invest in an Asset Tracking System

invest-asset-tracking-banner Do you have difficulty keeping up with your company’s assets? Do you or your staff spend countless hours trying to locate assets that have been borrowed and not returned?  Tracking assets can be an extremely arduous task, especially if it is being done manually by your staff. If you haven’t invested in an asset tracking system, your business will be less efficient, less productive, and a manual process will cost more money over time. Here are Wasp’s top reasons why your business should invest in an asset tracking system.
  1. Keep Track of Asset Location – It’s a challenging task to remember where every piece of equipment is as any time. A primary benefit of implementing an asset tracking system is that staff will no longer worry about whether a particular item has been checked-out, checked-in, or moved because each transaction records the current location of each piece of equipment, as well as the individual to which it has been assigned.
  2. Save Time – With an asset tracking system, staff can be more productive—focusing on the job they are employed to do rather than wasting time looking for lost or misplaced assets.
  3. Save Money – Staff will no longer spend countless hours trying to locate assets; their time will be spent more productively doing the job they are employed to complete. Due to its automation, the now streamlined process tracks assets more efficiently and, therefore, administration costs are reduced. Tracking assets at all times prevents the needless spending of money to replace lost or misplaced assets.
  4. Streamline Processes – By putting an asset tracking system in place, staff know the company’s required processes when using or lending pieces of equipment. They are fully aware of their accountability; reducing the risk of theft or of items being misplaced.
  5. Less Paperwork – Assets no longer need to be tracked manually with countless pieces of paperwork.  Staff can easily locate where a piece of equipment is at any time of the day by simply looking in the system. With its automation there is very little room for human error.
  6. Grow Your Business – If you are trying to grow your business, you don’t want to worry about your increasing asset number and whether they’re being tracked appropriately nor do you want to worry about the amount of money you are losing when expensive pieces of equipment have been misplaced. As you grow your business, an effective asset tracking system can be scaled up to suit your requirements and needs—from SME to large scale organisation.
There are many benefits for a company that  implements an asset tracking system. It’s a simple and easy system to integrate and it can work seamlessly with current, internal processes. If you would like to find out more about Wasp’s asset tracking solutions, please contact a Wasp representative today. If you would like to schedule a live, one-on-one demo of MobileAsset, please click here. How are you managing your valuable assets for your organisation?  Tell us in the comments below.