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Learning 3 New Reasons to Improve Asset Management

Girl Using Digital Tablet In Computer Class A place of education is responsible for providing students with the lessons they need in order to learn and improve academic intelligence. A place of education, just like any other organisation, is also responsible for tracking IT assets that include: laptop computers, servers, software titles and more. Whether you represent an institution of learning or you’re an individual seeking to improve your small business, you’re never too old to learn four new reasons to improve your asset management.  Norton Radstock College, located 10 miles southwest of Bath, delivers continuing education curriculum to adults and young people. The college currently enrolls over 6,000 students. Previously, Norton Radstock College utilized a spreadsheet-based tracking system, but staff still found themselves spending significant amount of time searching for lost or missing assets. [Tweet "55 percent of small businesses do not track assets at all, or use a manual process."]  “Our spreadsheet always seemed incorrect,” said Phil Staples, head of IT at Norton Radstock College. The college needed to find a more efficient way to track IT assets. According to the Wasp Barcode 2016 Small Business Report, which surveyed over 1,000 small businesses, 27 percent of small businesses plan to invest in training or tools to improve employee productivity. Coincidently, 30 percent of small businesses use a spreadsheet program for tracking assets and 55 percent of small businesses do not track assets at all, or use a manual process. Asset tracking is the perfect opportunity for organisations to invest in due to their ability to lower administrative costs, scale business quickly, provide a better costumer service experience, ensure accountability and more.


While improving asset management may seem like a large task to take on, there is always time to learn three new reasons why you should implement an efficient asset tracking system.

1. To Fit the Needs Of Your Organisation

After Norton Radstock College conducted research and found an asset tracking solution that fir their needs, they decided on Wasp MobileAsset. Not only does MobileAsset provide an easy, efficient way to track IT assets and software, it also allows the IT staff to see exactly what assets the college owns and where each item is located. Mobile devices provide benefits to organisations that include:
  • 60% improved communication
  • 55% increased employee productivity
  • 45% increased collaboration between employees
  • 35% improved work/life balance
  • 34% streamlined business process
In some cases, the system being used to track assets might not be the right system for the organisation. Finding the right asset management solution for your company is the key to success. A multi-ethnic group of high school age students are sitting in a row at the computer lab and are doing research for an assignment online.

2. To Effortlessly Implement and Improve Efficiency

 For a small to medium sized business, learning and implementing any type of new software system could be ignored due to fears of implementation being a cumbersome process. Asset management shouldn’t manage you. A new system should implement effortlessly and improve efficiency immediately. “Implementation was simple. We entered our assets into the database and determined our naming convention in 90 minutes,” Staples said. Norton Radstock College previously spent much of their time conducting an audit of IT assets. After the college implemented MobileAsset, their audit time was reduced from a full business day to only one hour.


“MobileAsset has saved my team two weeks per year in time spent searching for misplaced assets,” Staples points out, “And my IT team doesn’t have to spend time doing jobs they consider unimportant and menial, although they are quite important.”

3. To Reduce Human Error

 Manual entry, also known as unavoidable human error, has the ability to multiply the time and work required for tracking changes. In addition, it’s expensive. Many organisations become comfortable with spreadsheets without even realizing they make the same mistakes. Your asset management system should automatically calculate depreciation of aging assets, without requiring that effort from your employees. An asset tracking system that reduces human error should be easy to use. “MobileAsset has a lot of functionality, but is still accessible to a nontechnical end user,” comments Staples. MobileAsset allows employees to access data, without enduring extensive training. When you implement the right asset tracking software, the software should get the job done itself. Choosing an asset tracking software that is appropriate for your organisation is always the right move. Whether you represent an institution of learning, or you’re running a small to medium sized business, it’s always essential to learn new ways to improve asset management. MobileAsset provided Norton Radstock College with complete visibility to employees for reduction of equipment loss, simplified reports streamlined between different departments, saved time, saved money and reduced human error. How couldimplementing an asset tracking system help your business?