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National Boss’s Day: 4 Ways to Be a Great Boss Today and All Year Long

national-bosses-day-banner Boss’s Day, also known as National Boss Day, is Thursday, October 16th. Dedicated to all employers, National Boss Day is meant to improve the relationship between employers and their staff. Although there are tips for winning over your boss and tips for celebrating the holiday, the day traditionally focuses on employees taking the opportunity to thank their bosses for a year of hard work, dedication, and fairness.  To be a great leader every day, all year round, here are Wasp’s suggestions to all small business owners:

 4 Things Great Bosses Do

1. Run effective and efficient meetings. According to Inc. columnist Kevin Daum’s 2013 article on how to be an amazing boss, “Amazing bosses make sure that everyone on the team understands the difference between a valuable meeting and a waste of time and resources.” iStock_0000121824632. Get feedback. Among Fox Business contributor Dr. Woody’s tips for being a better boss is seeking out feedback about your management style both from those you manage, as well as other colleagues and mentors. According to Dr. Woody, it’s important not to “respond or defend yourself, just listen [and] commit to at least one action based on this feedback.” 3. Empower the team. Great bosses give employees the tools and other resources needed to do their jobs well. For example, providing tools like Wasp’s barcode scanners not only helps the business as a whole, it also helps empower employees by saving them time and allowing them to be more efficient. 4. Lead by example. You are the best source of inspiration for those you manage. Be the type of employee you would want to have on your team and provide the kind of environment that encourages employees to walk in your footsteps. What makes your boss great? Tweet at us and let us know! Happy National Boss’s Day!