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November 2012 SMB News Recap

Television news reporter JJ Ramber and and two of her producers, Lisa Everson and Frank Silverstein, have been keeping track of small businesses who can “take a hit” without going under. They’ve put together a book showcasing tips provided by these still-successful business owners, “It’s your Business: 183 Essential Tips that will Transform your Business.” Instagram introduces profile and acts more like Facebook.  Web profiles can be added, which will allow users to share their profile with others, as well as quickly follow other users, comment and like photos. The post also shares further conversations associated with the launch and all-things Instagram. While corporate giving accounted for the 5 percent of the 298.4 billion Americans donated last year, SMB’s should be strategic about giving back. Not only should SMBs pay attention to bookkeeping and tax benefits, but they should also evaluate which charities mean the most to them and how good cause can circle back. No matter what an SMB decides, this article points out the donating is better for business. The debate for BYOD continues. While it’s appealing to allow employees to bring their own equipment, because they feel safer using it, and the small business doesn’t have to finance technology; there is still an issue of security. So, is it safe to allow employees to use their own devices, or is there a method to capture the best of both worlds? Amazon launches brand pages to help users enhance words with pictures and engage a larger audience. Much like Facebook’s cover photo, Amazon’s brand page can incorporate images and product features. Furthermore, Amazon is touting an advanced analytics page to help understand ROI and increase sales. Facebook’s external advertising network is coming soon. In the hope to dominant the ad-scene as vividly as Google, Facebook has officially announced its efforts to off-line ad targeting. Facebook has made it clear in its terms and agreements that any information obtained through Facebook can be used outside of Facebook – making it easy for Facebook to use data to target users based on likes and comments. During his second term, President Obama vows to tailor his policies to the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs. The plan seems to be set for Obamacare; taxation on the wealthy American’s still stands at a gridlock, but could change if deals are brokered; the corporate rate will fall, however if Obama pushes for breaks for manufacturers and raise the rates on investments, which could deter the wealthy from pouring capital into new business; and Obama has issued an executive order requiring businesses to review red tape regulations to increase hiring and economic growth.