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Tapping The Noggin | Creative Exercises for Naming Your Small Business

A new year; a new business. If that goal is on your list of 2012 resolutions, then listen up. Whether your next business venture is a cupcake shop, mobile app, or IT consulting firm, you won’t be very successful without a name for yourself. Sometimes deciding on a name is as simple as using your own name for your business, but often times it can be a creative struggle that haunts you in your dreams. You want it to be catchy and clever, but you also don’t want it to be so obscure people won’t recognize it. To help you get the creative gears turning, we’ve provided a few of our favorite exercises to help you name your next business. 1. Find your Comfort Zone Do you thrive off of other’s energy, or are you more of an introvert and prefer a place of peace and tranquility? Place yourself in the atmosphere that will allow you to do the best thinking. Maybe this is taking a walk, sitting in your home office, or jogging through downtown during rush hour. Whatever it is, use this time to clear your mind and think about the importance of your new business. You’d be surprised what ideas may rise to the top. 2. Work with Morphemes What is a morpheme, you ask? A morpheme is what linguists refer to as the smallest meaningful unit of a language. For example, the word, ‘unladylike’, is comprised of three morphemes – “un”, “lady”, and “like”. Many companies have seen success in exploring morphemes to create brand new words. Car manufacturer, Acura, used the morpheme “Acu”, which in many cultures means “precise.” By exploring this option, you may discover a word that is unique and has meaning to your company. 3. Ink It Always keep a pen or pencil on hand at all times. This allows you to jot down any ideas that may pop up as you go about your daily routine. In addition, keep a notepad next your bed. Sometimes your best ideas come when you are in a relaxed state, just as you are falling asleep. What sparks creativity for you? Do you find it best to collect your thoughts alone or conduct a group brainstorm? Let us know which tactics you find helpful in our comments below!