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The Art of a Good Summer Work Party

The Art of a Good Summer Work Party Nobody should be all work and no play. Small business owners, especially, need to keep that in mind. So reward your hardworking, dedicated employees this summer with a well-planned work party! Not sure how to go about planning the perfect, work-appropriate summer bash? These tips should help make planning a breeze: Pick the Right Location Like with any event, choosing the right location for your summer party is crucial. Nothing will ruin a party faster than being cramped in a small space during hot weather. If you have a large home (and a small business), consider hosting the work party there. Not only is it a low-cost option, but it adds a special, personal touch by inviting your employees into your home. Renting a room at a restaurant or bar, taking a riverboat cruise or gathering in a local park are also viable options.   Provide Plenty of Food The reason you’re throwing a summer work party is to give your employees a chance to sit back, relax and have some fun. To help encourage that, consider hiring a caterer to take care of the food—instead of asking management or requesting a potluck. The caterers will make sure the food is stocked and plentiful, giving your team the freedom to enjoy the party. Make sure to have plenty of food—don’t send anyone home hungry! Consider the dietary needs of your employees (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc) when planning the menu, and try to accommodate. If you’re hosting a family-friendly work party, include foods made for kids.   Focus on having Fun Sure, you all work together, but you talk about work all day, every day! Use your summer work party as a time to learn more about your employees and their lives and interests outside of work. Provide a few (optional) activities like bags, card games, or even karaoke for people to partake in if they please.   Make it Easy to be Responsible Your employees are all adults, but if there are adult beverages being served, take extra safety precautions. Arrange for designated drivers ahead of time, or call taxis for anyone who doesn’t have a safe ride home. Hopefully neither option will be used, but it’s better to be safe! Your small business is only as successful as the employees you hire. Rewarding those committed employees with a summer party is just one way to thank them for everything they do. Taking the time to sort out all the details will show them that you truly appreciate them! Have you ever attended a notably bad or notably good work party? Please explain below.