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Six Video Marketing Tips for YouTube Success

Today, we close the “one million YouTube views” celebration and announce the lucky winner of an iPad mini.  For those of you who didn’t win the iPad, we bestow upon you the gift of knowledge. Read on for a few helpful tips your small business can use to reach your customer on YouTube. A little history: About two years ago we turned to YouTube as our primary means for video marketing. Because YouTube is the second largest search engine, we knew that showing up in the top of YouTube organic search results could be a very powerful tool in getting our content in front of those who matter. By promoting this video socially and placing targeted ads in search engines, we were able to get Wasp content in front of our stakeholders. Here’s what we learned. Six features of a successful YouTube video marketing campaign: 1.     Know your audience. We wanted to reach an audience of business owners, IT professionals, and those looking for a solution to efficiently track business assets and inventory. Which is why we implemented a strategic plan based around online video that resonated with that specific audience. We created content and tailored copy to resonate with those individuals looking for a barcoding solution. 2.     Advertise. Through advertising we were able to target specific demographics and individuals with tightly niche interests. The result was highly focused and engaged website traffic from YouTube to our website, while ensuring that we avoided over-inundating those who didn’t need our solution. 3.     Harness the power of video search optimization. Video should be optimized to reach your audience based on search intent and brand name. Because we optimized our content, many of our videos appear on page one on YouTube search results for “asset tracking,” one of our targeted keywords. Focus on adding keywords to titles, tags and descriptions. Also consider adding playlists centered on industry keywords and terms.  4.     Utilize a variety of content. Part of the appeal of our YouTube channel is that we provide more than just product videos. Incorporating vlogs, customer case study videos and product information videos makes our channel more dynamic while also providing information our users or potential prospects need.  5.     Don’t forget YouTube is a social network. It’s easy to forget that YouTube is a social environment. Remember to engage with others, like content, share videos and interact with others in your industry as well as users and prospects.  6.     Get creative about outsourcing. Many small businesses think that keeping content creation in-house saves them money, but ultimately you want a professional to assist in content creation and channel management. Do you know anyone with a passion project for video production? Ask around. You might be surprised at the hidden potential in your network of peers.   Thank you for your continued support of Wasp Barcode Technologies, and Buzz Small Business Magazine. Congratulations to the winner of our YouTube “One Million Views” sweepstakes, winner of her very own 16GB iPad mini, Dianne A!