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Wasp Mobile Asset Tracking Software Traces Equipment, Lowers Costs

Wasp Mobile Asset tracking software saves companies thousands of dollars per year simply by helping them know the locations of fixed and mobile assets. Most small and mid-sized businesses do little or nothing to keep track of items such as phones, tablets, laptops, tools, and more. Even those that attempt to track these and other assets tend to use unwieldy spreadsheets, making it difficult to keep updated information. [caption id="attachment_4563" align="alignright" width="150"]Wasp-Mobile-Asset-tracking-software Wasp Mobile Asset tracking software enables users to track mobile equipment and fixed assets.[/caption]

From spreadsheets to automation

Wasp Mobile Asset tracking software automates and simplifies the asset management process, enabling users to track mobile equipment, as well as copiers, phones, tools, computers, servers, software licenses, vehicles, medical equipment, and more. This mobile asset solution uses a simple process to track each asset the company owns by allowing you to:
  • Create a barcode label or tag
  • Print the tag and affix it to the asset
  • Scan the tag with a barcode scanner to check it in to the system
  • Enter information about the asset into the Wasp Mobile Asset tracking software, which can warehouse data such as manufacturer, serial number, and maintenance history
Once records are entered into the tracking software, companies can:
  • Immediately track down needed equipment, rather than wasting hours or days searching for particular items
  • Head off the purchases of redundant items that cannot be found in a timely manner, or simply aren’t known to some company personnel
  • Track asset purchase and maintenance costs, allowing for immediate reports and snapshots to assist management in the decision-making process
  • Find items by site, location, department, item, and serial number
  • Track book value of assets by company or department, and leverage data on asset cost and depreciation for accounting purposes
  • Create and update maintenance schedules, ensuring that assets are maintained properly and in a timely manner
  • Enable certain employees to check assets in and out, with or without due dates
  • Attach any type of file to an asset, including photos, warranties, and user manuals

The right size for small businesses

Wasp Mobile Asset tracking software is a full-featured mobile asset tracking solution that includes:
  • More than 48 management reports
  • Integrated barcode labeling software (Wasp Labeler)
  • Preprinted sample asset tags
  • Free unlimited technical support for the life of the product
  • Free "getting started" training
Depending upon user needs, Mobile Asset can be purchased in three versions:
  • Standard, which contains one PC license and one mobile license
  • Pro, which includes five PC licenses, one mobile license, and a database manager tool
  • Enterprise, which has unlimited PC licenses and five mobile licenses, in addition to multi-tenant functionality that lets users manage multiple departments or companies using different databases