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How Wimbledon Aces Asset Tracking

Three labels over white, decorative element barcode tags The oldest, and widely considered the most prestigious, tennis tournament in the world needs all the advantage it can get when it comes to asset tracking. Wimbledon has been held since 1877 and the tennis tournament takes place over two weeks. With an annual influx of over 400,000 visitors for The Championships, a big serve for Wimbledon is successfully accounting for all assets.  The Championships occur at the All England Club and include an immense range of facilities that total 163,000 square meters (approximately 1.6 million square feet). In addition, the Centre Court stadium holds 15,000 seats and has 18 other courts, plus 22 practice courts, press rooms, broadcast studios, visitor and other facilities. With much mileage to cover, managing the complex is a match between account for all equipment and tracking the whereabouts to ensure successful event. Even though the event lasts two weeks, asset tracking occurs year round in order for such a large organization to gear up for the world-class event. On top of that, media attention and global excitement puts an addition layer of stress on the job. In order to save time on routine managements tasks and offer a way of re-charging effectively, Wimbledon must implement asset tracking. call-to-action-810x75-c

It isn’t difficult to be convinced on the hype of Wimbledon, but what about asset tracking? And why is it so important to an event like this? Here are 6 main reasons why asset tracking is vital and valuable to Wimbledon, and every other event, large or small:

  1. Lower Administrative Costs
Administrative costs are naturally lower due to no need for administrative personnel to track down assets manually.
  1. Scale Business Quickly
Asset tracking systems allow you to grow your company without serious modifications to asset tracking protocols.
  1. Better Customer Service Experience
Asset tracking software allows you to automate certain customer service features, lowering your administrative time.
  1. Ensured Accountability
Proper asset tracking allows you to know where assets have been allocated at all times, therefore assets don’t have the ability to get lost in the system and not properly used.
  1. Certification Requirements If your company is wishing to maintain a certain certification, such as AIB, you will need proper asset tracking software.
      6.  Increased Organization and Efficiency An asset tracking software allows you to identify items commonly accessed together to create a better flow for your physical systems. Close up of barcode reading. Outsmarting the Opponent The events market is expected to grow by 8.42 percent each year, and overall is set to be worth nearly £7.25 billion. Many software products exist to aid in event management aspects such as ticketing and marketing, but an area often neglected is equipment management. Large venues require up to thousands of pieces of equipment that needs proper set up and take down. Using a single Excel worksheet limits usage to one person accessing and updating at a time; however, implementing inventory tracking software gives any business the home court advantage.


Wimbledon cannot afford to whiff when it comes to accurately tracking assets. An asset tracking software system will prevent problems in human error and save time from manual tracking. Time is money, and mistakes add up quickly when it comes to error in tracking assets. [Tweet "Wimbledon cannot afford to whiff when it comes to accurately tracking assets."] “The reliability and accuracy of the product is key. It always works and there is no need for constant software upgrades. Wasp’s barcoding and asset tracking system is a must have item for any major sports team or large production venue,” said Heller. What works for Wimbledon? Buildings and Services Manager at The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTCC) at Wimbledon, John Cox, invested in an integrated computer management system in order to support the event year round. There are many popular asset-tracking devices, such as Wasp’s AssetCloud that has several features to allow your business to achieve organization and success year round, like Wimbledon. "Having data visually available through the system helps us with everything from planning to emergency maintenance during The Championships," said Cox. Cox added that being able to have all of the information in one system allows for easy access to match statutory requirements, and most importantly oversee everything that is going on. Crowning the Champion There are elements out of control in executing any event, such as weather, but starting with a leg up over your opponent can be the key in pulling off a seemingly flawless event. Wimbledon has been so successful for so many years due to asset tracking software and its ability to lower costs, improve ROIs, ‘on the go’ support and enhancing asset reliability and productivity. So the next time your business executes an event, have the mindset of a match and the attitude of a champion with the guide dance of asset tracking.