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YouTube Marketing 101 for Business

The Internet constantly changes the way we conduct business. YouTube, the brainchild of three former PayPal employees, has evolved into a powerful social forum where all kinds of video content is viewed, shared, and discussed. And there are virtually no barriers to entry. As video interaction becomes an increasingly important marketing tool, SEO metrics provide means for the online-savvy organization to master its search rank and increase its visibility in the marketplace. I’ll believe it when I see it Indeed, seeing is believing. Video stimulates our senses in a way that words alone cannot. Consumers have the power to search for and view content from anywhere on globe…. at any time they choose. This creates enormous opportunity for you, small business owner, to capitalize on demand. YouTube, specifically - with its reputation, audience size and SEO features - has the power to generate buzz in very little time. As such, we created “How to Make YouTube Work for Your Business: The definitive guide from experts in the field,” to inform business video ventures. Let’s begin with an example from Coca-Cola on the power of video: The written message can give statistics, figures, and evidence that thousands upon thousands of people have found Coke refreshing and delicious or that the chemical formula is specifically designed to tantalize your taste buds. In the video spot, you may only see the drink pouring into a glass filled with ice, the crisp sound of the carbon escaping as the bottle is opened, and the satisfied “Ahhh . . .” of the person drinking. Are you a believer? Let’s get started. Making Video Work for You Going viral is BIG for business, but it’s not always a good thing. In the guide, we discuss the cases of Old Spice and Evian for examples of how viral can bode well for business – Old Spice sales increased 107% thanks to their video campaign ; or not - Evian sales remained down 27% after their video fell flat despite going viral and racking up more views than Old Spice. Herein lies the risk of a social video investment: there are no guarantees it will work. You can increase your chances for online success by ensuring your video concept is clear and includes a number of strategies consistent with successful campaigns. We outline these in detail in the guide. The common thread is this: keep it short, active, and funny. Your viral success depends on the degree to which your video is clever, unique, and engaging. The devil is in the details. Pay attention to the minutiae that may detract from your message.
  • Storyboarding- Create a storyboard for each scene by mapping out your video step by step. Set the tone with clear direction and give your actors insight into their actions rather than telling them what to do.
  • Production - Master camera angles, shots, and movement by working with your camera operator; the better he/she understands your vision, the more effectively it will be conveyed. Make sure you have good lighting.
  • Audio- Pay attention to sounds that will undermine every aspect of your video content. Is it a windy day? Is everyone’s cell phone off?
  • Personalization: Be personable in your message strategies. We are talking about the social aspect of media, after all.
  • Launch: Analytics provide valuable consumer insight for the strategic deployment of video content. For example, we know that YouTube traffic peaks from 2-6pm, so uploading your content at 1pm would statistically result in more views than if you uploaded at 5pm. It’s measurable. It’s targetable. It’s yours for the taking.
Don’t forget to enable video interaction! Unless you don’t want to be discovered online (which is not the case or you wouldn’t be reading this article), you must enable interaction to be accessed, viewed, and –hopefully- shared. This interaction affects your SEO rank. See how things are coming full circle? Now your video is complete and you are ready to put the power of YouTube to work for you. Your free YouTube channel is your video home base. You can employ a variety of user-friendly tools to customize your channel. As your presence grows, you may need to add more channels to strategically diversify your content. The Wasp Barcode YouTube channel is a good example of a successful YouTube channel effort. You’ll also find strategies for maximizing effectiveness in our guide. The Internet has effectively leveled the marketing playing field. It’s free. It’s got the biggest reach. It’s got you. Do YouTube?